Online Marketing

About Digital Marketing Service

Page Admin ( Facebook, Instagram )

We provide an administrator for your page, who regularly organizes and updates feed content, trendy pictures as well as interesting contents.

So, we can guarantee that your page will always be activated and quick response to customers or page visitors.

Moreover, we offer a wide range of services, such as infographic design, template design in order to advertise on the page, expand more page visitors as well as attract and hold their attention.

Facebook Application
Provide Application on Facebook

  • To create campaign for company that benefits both business and customers.
  • To promote brand or page.
  • To increase Facebook page likes and followers faster.
  • To collect personal data from its users and user statistics.
  • To create activities and games in order to do a market analysis for business plan.
  • To adopt all of these offline marketing strategies.

How to promote viral content

There are many ways to seed a viral marketing campaign. For example, we hire a celebrity, blogger, tie-in or page admin to promote your brand or page on social network.

Types of viral content

  • Content or Blog
  • Interactive content, such as games, quizzes, widgets, VDO, and voice.
  • Info

Seeding Content Marketing

We provide product and service consulting and story board post creation on websites in order to promote and advertise a marketing campaign or content. For ones who would like to get an information about SEO will be able to read commends of the story board.


  • Having a good corporate or brand image and reputation as well as build a good relationship with wandering customers.
  • To generate highly-effective Word-of-Mouth (WOM) in order to encourage online users participation by using Word-of-Mouth. This is an indirect way to promote brand or business.
  • That will make your content get more people to read and share then it becomes a viral content.
  • Customer data is Confidential.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Nowadays, most people use search engine to search for information on websites instead of Uniform Resource Locator (URL) by typing keywords, get the documents where those keywords are found, and ranked based on what considers most relevant to keywords. The websites which are in top 3 search ranking will be most-visited websites.

This is the reason why most websites want to get a top ranking , as it is very beneficial to sale, advertising, business or company promotion.

We offer SEO services with guaranteed top results.

  • To make your website appears at the top of search engines.
  • To do a competitor analysis and create keyword.
  • The price depends on effective keyword difficulty.
  • Monthly report
  • To maintain SEO ranking within the agreed time.

E-mail Marketing

These days E-mail marketing becomes one of the most widespread marketing tools, because it is high-efficiency, faster, approachable and less expensive than any forms of advertising. According to the research / Bizrate Survey also shows that 86 % of E-mail marketing users are more successful in their marketing plan than who use Search engine. (only 58 % of users are successful)


  • It is less expensive than other types of media, such as newspaper or magazine advertising or website.
  • To access your target market and customers as well as user data.
  • To achieve great success within short time and offer more business opportunities.
  • To represent product catalogue ( Text or HTML)
  • To expand both international and domestic marketing on short time.

We provide E-mail marketing system.

  • To log in on website, create template or e-mail, import or export email or send them yourself or let us do it for you.
  • We provide statistic data that allows you to check email status.
  • We provide viral content creation.
  • We provide viral content creation.

Online Advertisement

We offer advertising on Facebook Ads services according to customer requirements.


  • We offer banner design on Facebook Ads service according to customer requirements.
  • To generate your site mobile friendly, PC, and Tablets.
  • To organize an advertising on Facebook Ads throughout the lifetime of service.
  • To get people who liked the page to become real target market and paying customers.
  • To get not only number of Facebook likes but quality of Facebook likes.

We provide website advertising on Google service.

If customers or target market search for your brand or product, they will find your brand or product showing up in the paid search area of Google’s search results. There is a green color “Ad” labels shown before URLs in Google text ads when customers access to their brand or products. We guarantee your advertising will be in top search ranking within 24 hours.

  • We provide keyword research and analysis consulting in order to consider advertising for along with the traffic estimates as well as suitability.
  • We provide marketing campaign specialist who is skilled at advertising in order to get a top Google ranking for your business.
  • To save your time, Let us help you.
  • Cost control

We provide to post banner online media service.

  • We provide to post banner online media service.
    Google Display Network: To post Banner Ads on websites that forms collaborations with Google Remarketing target group via Google partner websites with a high number of traffic.
  • Ads Network
    Ad Network: To post Banner Ads through website with high traffic by using online ads (More than 6,000 websites) and to identify target market and customers.
  • Banner on Website 
    Banner on Website: To contract for advertising space on famous websites service.