GACC registration service

GACC registration service


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GACC registration service


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Service : GACC registration service

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What is GACC? And what important role does it play?

GACC is the General Administration of Customs of China or the Chinese Customs Bureau. It is a ministry-level agency that plays an important role in regulating the import-export of Chinese goods. Its duties are to set policies, regulations, and oversee customs operations. Including the collection of taxes and various fees. related to import-export products

GACC plays a role in setting policies and regulations regarding Chinese imports and exports. Including checking and allowing products to be sold in China. If the exporter does not apply for registration with GACC, the product may be refused entry into the country.

For food products Foreign manufacturers are required to register with GACC, comply with GACC food safety regulations, and clearly display the GACC registration number on their packaging. Otherwise, it may not be allowed to be imported and sold in China. GACC registration is valid for 5 years and must be renewed 3-6 months in advance.

GACC is a central agency with headquarters in Beijing. and has branch offices and customs checkpoints scattered in various provinces. all over china To perform duties in the practice and enforcement of various laws related

The steps for applying for an import license from GACC are as follows:

  • Register as an import operator with GACC by presenting trade documentation such as a business registration certificate. commercial registration, etc.
  • Prepare a request for import permission By specifying details of the product, type, type, product form, quantity, value, along with attaching related product documentation such as product certificates/licenses from the country of origin, etc.
  • Pay customs fees and other expenses. As specified by regulations
  • Take the goods for inspection by customs officials. Both in terms of documents and products
  • Once the conditions have been fully inspected, GACC will issue a license to import the goods into China.

Is it necessary to apply for GACC to export food or beverages to China?

Entrepreneurs who want to export food products to sell in China Registration is required with GACC (General Administration of Customs of China), China’s customs and food safety regulatory agency. GACC registration is an important and regulatory step. Producers of foreign food products that will be exported to China must

  1. Register with GACC to receive certification before exporting.
  2. Strictly comply with GACC food safety rules and regulations.
  3. Clearly attach the GACC registration number on the product packaging, both inside and outside.

Failure to register with GACC may result in food products being prohibited from being imported for sale in China. Because it does not pass GACC food safety standards, GACC registration is valid for 5 years and operators must renew it 3-6 months before it expires.

For those who wish to import food products to sell in China. It is necessary to complete the GACC regulations to obtain an import license first. Especially Regulations 248-249, which are regulations that set the rules and requirements for importing food products into China.

Applying for permission from GACC is therefore an important step for exporting products to China. To maintain legality and reduce the risk of problems in trading in China.

What is CTHA?

For products produced or exported from Thailand to be sold in China. Once an entrepreneur has applied for import authorization with GACC (General Administration of Customs of China) and passed the approval process from GACC, the goods will be allocated a special code called CTHA.

CTHA is a code established by GACC specifically for goods imported from Thailand to China. For reference in checking the origin and status of products that have been approved by GACC.

Obtaining a CTHA code from GACC confirms that the product is legally allowed to be sold in China. The process for requesting permission to import from GACC has been completed.

The CTHA code will be specified on documentation when importing into China, such as declarations of entry, tax declarations, etc., allowing GACC officials to quickly check the status and approval information of the goods.

For exporters from Thailand to China The fact that a product receives a CTHA code from GACC is considered a certification of authenticity according to GACC’s import authorization process and will help build the confidence of trading partners in China as well.

The GACC import license approval process can take a long time, as GACC requires careful verification at many stages. Therefore, entrepreneurs thinking of applying for an import license with GACC should plan their time carefully. In order to be able to proceed in time for importing the required products.

In addition to the process of applying for a license from GACC, there are also rules to be aware of. GACC Import-Export Regulations List of products prohibited or controlled by GACC. Including various customs formalities. that entrepreneurs need to study and understand clearly To avoid errors or illegal operations of GACC.

If you wish to import food products to sell in China, Intbizth is ready to serve you with a professional team and experts in the process of applying for a license from GACC. We can take care of you from preparing documents. Apply for approval with GACC, follow up on GACC approval status, and consult on GACC regulations to ensure your import process runs smoothly. Correct according to GACC rules and efficient. Intbizth has teams both in Thailand and China. Ready to provide you with complete services regarding GACC. You can contact us to receive advice from us at any time.

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Service : GACC registration service