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Service : Chinese label licensing service / CIQ label request

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ตัวอย่างฉลากจีน CIQ

What is the CIQ label and how important is it for cross-border trade with China?

CIQ is an extremely important label for cross-border trade with China.

CIQ is China’s import and export quarantine and inspection agency. It is responsible for inspecting and ensuring the safety of goods entering and exiting China. Especially in terms of quality Product standards Food safety, plant, animal and environmental hygiene

CIQ is an important license that importers/exporters must obtain from the CIQ agency before they can import/export goods into or out of China.

Receiving the CIQ label means your product has passed a safety standard inspection. and has been allowed to be legally sold in China

Obtaining the CIQ label is also evidence of the quality and safety of your products. Help build confidence among Chinese consumers. Reduce image and legal risk for your business

Therefore, if your business wants to penetrate the Chinese market and do business, obtaining the CIQ label is an important aspect that cannot be overlooked.

Documents required for requesting a CIQ label are as follows

  1. Certificate of registration of legal entity, such as certificate of company registration. commercial registration certificate, etc.
  2. Business license Related such as production license, import license, etc.
  3. Product Details (Product Specification) that specifies the components, properties, and production methods.
  4. Product Label that specifies product information, warnings, and precautions.
  5. Product documentation such as invoice, packing list.
  6. Product standard certificates such as ISO standard certificates, Halal certificates, etc. (if necessary)
  7. Test report or analyze the product from a trusted laboratory (if necessary)

These documents will be checked by the relevant authorities. To ensure that the product has the required properties and quality. Before approving the use of the CIQ label

Procedure for requesting CIQ for cross-border trade to China

  1. Check the type of product to request CIQ.
  2. There is a company registered in China. with relevant import licenses
  3. Fill in the component details in the CIQ Cross Border form.
  4. Specify the product name in Thai, English and Chinese.
  5. Send pictures of all aspects of product packaging.
  6. Prepare FDA documents. Ingredients
  7. Inform product size, weight and packaging.
  8. Products must have Shipper Mark on the package.
  9. Check the customs tariff (H.S. Code)
  10. Products must be more than 1 year old or newly manufactured.
  11. Pay CIQ fees
  12. Officials apply for CIQ with Chinese customs.
  13. Can sell products correctly according to CIQ.

If you are an entrepreneur planning to export products to China, applying for the CIQ label is an important step that cannot be overlooked. Because the CIQ label is evidence of product safety and quality according to Chinese standards. This must be requested by importers in China before allowing products to be sold in the country.

Requesting a CIQ involves quite difficult and complex steps and regulations, so using the services of Intbizth is the best choice for you. With the experience and expertise of our professional team, Intbizth is ready to give advice and take care of every detail of every step in requesting a CIQ for export to China for you.

At Intbizth, we understand the importance and complexity of the CIQ request process. filling out forms payment of fees Until coordinating with relevant agencies in China We will take care of every detail for you accurately and quickly.

In addition to CIQ request service, Intbizth also has other services. That helps facilitate trade with China, such as registering a company in China, requesting an import-export license, analyzing customs risk, etc., allowing you to conduct business with China in a complete and cheap manner. required by law

Therefore, if you want convenience, speed, and international standards for exporting products to China. Don’t miss out on using CIQ services from Intbizth to support the success of your business.

CIQ - Custom Immigration Quarantine
ตัวอย่างฉลากจีน CIQ
ตัวอย่างฉลากจีน CIQ

IntBizTH We are happy to provide consulting services, FDA registration and information preparation. to allow the permission process is fast don't waste time

  • Fast service

  • Friendly price

  • Depleted the problem of document errors

  • Save time / Time saving

  • Legitimate / Be Legal

  • Take care of every step until you get the FDA number.

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Service : Chinese label licensing service / CIQ label request