The company provides FDA registration services in Thailand.

The company provides FDA registration services in Thailand.

The company provides FDA registration services in Thailand.

FDA registration / FDA license (FDA) / Storage location permission / Production site permission

The FDA application process may seem difficult. But many people are facing many problems, including preparing documents and preparing the place. We have consulting services. and prepare various information to allow the permission process is fast don’t waste time

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FDA Registration Service
Request permit for storage facility
Request permit for production premises
Product label design
Research and develop dietary supplement formulas
License renewal
Consulting services and developing GMP, GHP system
Other services

FDA registration service

With a team of experts, The company has been operating for more than 15 years.

Types of products that must be notified by the FDA

icon-จด อย. เครื่องมือการแพทย์

1. Registered with the FDA for medical devices

  • 1.1 Applying for a license to import medical devices Export of medical devices, manufacture of medical devices
  • 1.2 Applying for a license to dispense medical equipment
  • 1.3 Request permission to import materials, equipment, parts, spare parts for use in the production, distribution of medical devices
icon-จด อย. เครื่องสำอางค์

2. Registered cosmetic FDA

  • 2.1 Applying for permission to import cosmetics cosmetic production
  • 2.2 Permission to dispense cosmetics
  • 2.3 Asking for permission to register the FDA, the place of importing cosmetics
icon-จด อย. อาหาร/เครื่องดื่ม

3. FDA food/drink registration

  • 3.1 Approval for food production, food import
  • 3.2 Renewal of FDA license for food production and import
  • 3.3 Permission to set up a food factory, use food labels
  • 3.4 Food production premises (Sorbor.1, Or.1)
  • 3.5 food registration
icon-จด อย. อาหารเสริม

4. FDA registration, food supplement

  • 4.1 Requesting permission to produce food supplements import food supplement
  • 4.2 Requesting permission to set up a food supplement factory
  • 4.3 Request permission to import or order food on a temporary basis
icon-จด อย. ยา

5. Registered with Dangerous Substances

  • 5.1 Permission for a place of import and storing dangerous goods
  • 5.2 Registration of hazardous substances type 1-4
icon-จด อย. วัตถุอันตราย

6. Renew the license

  • 6.1 An establishment license renewal Medical Devices/Cosmetics/Food/Dangerous Substances
  • 6.2 Receive a product notification Medical Devices/Cosmetics/Food/Dangerous Substances


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IntBizTH We are happy to provide consulting services, FDA registration and information preparation. to allow the permission process is fast don't waste time

  • Fast service

  • Friendly price

  • Depleted the problem of document errors

  • Save time / Time saving

  • Legitimate / Be Legal

  • Take care of every step until you get the FDA number.

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Open for service Monday – Friday (09.00 – 18.00)

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