What does the ® symbol mean?

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What does the ® symbol mean?

The ® symbol (the letter “R” in a circle) is an abbreviation for “Registered Trademark”, which refers to a trademark that has been officially registered with the trademark office of that particular country or internationally. In some cases, this symbol can only be used with trademarks that have already been successfully registered. It signifies that the trademark has legal protection and its ownership is officially recognized.

The use of this symbol is subject to the following conditions:

  1. It must be a trademark registered correctly by the responsible authority of that country, such as the United States Patent and Trademark Office or the National Intellectual Property Administration of China, for example.
  2. Using the ® symbol with unregistered trademarks is considered a violation of the law.
  3. This symbol can be used only after receiving a trademark registration certificate.
  4. Using the ® symbol indicates to others that the trademark is legally protected, and it warns others not to infringe upon the rights.

Proper Way to Use the ® Trademark Symbol:

  • Display on the Trademark Itself: The ® symbol should be placed near or next to the registered trademark, in a prominent position such as the top-right or bottom-right corner of the trademark.
  • Use in Various Documents: If the registered trademark appears in marketing materials, advertisements, or packaging, the ® symbol should be clearly displayed each time the trademark is used.

For Thailand, the ® symbol can only be used in conjunction with trademarks that have been registered with the Department of Intellectual Property and have received an official registration certificate. Furthermore, using the ® symbol with unregistered trademarks is illegal under Thai law. This regulation exists to prevent consumer confusion and protect consumers from unregistered trademarks falsely claiming official registration status. By restricting the ® symbol to registered marks only, it maintains clarity for consumers about which trademarks have legally obtained registration.

In summary, the ® symbol can only be used with registered trademarks, and using the ® symbol with unregistered trademarks is illegal under the law.

Therefore, once a business has properly registered their trademark, using the ® symbol alongside that mark clearly signifies its legal status. Displaying the ® helps protect the rights to use the trademark from infringement or unauthorized copying.

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