Tag - Regulations for Exporting Goods to China

ส่งออกสินค้าไปจีน จะต้อง “ขึ้นทะเบียนสินค้า” กับหน่วยงานไหน? และสินค้าแต่ละประเภท ต้องยื่นเรื่องให้ถูกหน่วยงานที่รับผิดชอบด้วยนะ

When exporting goods to China, you need to “register the goods” with which agency? And for each type of product, you have to submit the necessary documents to the responsible agency as well.

When exporting goods to China, there is an important step that operators must undertake, which is to “register the goods” with the relevant agencies. This is to ensure that exports are carried out properly according to laws and regulations. This “registration of goods” is necessary for both general goods and goods with specific restrictions. (more…)