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China-Thailand Air Freight Services

China-Thailand Air Freight Services

Air Freight Services

IntBizTH is a leading provider of import and export services between China and Thailand via air freight for B2B customers. If your business requires swift transportation of goods between China and Thailand, air freight from China by Intbizth is the answer. We offer efficient and cost-effective air transportation services. You can expect to receive your goods within 24 hours.

China-Thailand Air Freight Services

Air Freight Services

IntBizTH is a leading provider of import and export services between China and Thailand via air freight for B2B customers. If your business requires swift transportation of goods between China and Thailand, air freight from China by Intbizth is the answer. We offer efficient and cost-effective air transportation services. You can expect to receive your goods within 24 hours.


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Service : China-Thailand Air Freight Services

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What is B2B?

B2B is an abbreviation for business to business, which is business-to-business transactions. The aim is to meet business needs. Whether it is raw materials Product production or service For the benefit or business development of the organization It is not used for consumption or personal consumption, such as buying fabric to make shirts, etc.

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Air Freight Service

The cheapest price in Thailand

45 THB/KG.

Land Freight บริการขนส่งสินค้าทางบก ทางรถ
Sea Freight บริการขนส่งสินค้าทางเรือ

Air Freight : Air freight or air transportation

Air freight or Air Freight (แอร์เฟส) is a transportation service that provides high speed and safety in delivering goods to their destination using aircraft as the main mode of transportation. Compared to other transportation methods, using Air Freight helps reduce transportation time and increase efficiency in international and domestic trade, allowing goods to reach customers quickly.

Air Freight is suitable for important and high-value goods, as well as goods that require fast and safe transportation, such as fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, vaccines, machine parts, and large vehicles. Using Air Freight helps reduce potential damage during transportation and increases the likelihood of delivering goods to their destination accurately and on time.

The Best Air Freight Services from Thailand to China

As global trade continues to flourish, the air freight market between Thailand and China has witnessed significant growth. With numerous carriers and logistics providers operating on this route, businesses are spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting the best air freight service. In this article, we’ll explore some of the top options and what sets them apart.

Advantages of Air Freight Service from China to Thailand with IntBizTH

  1. Reliable Flight Schedule:
    Flight schedules between countries are precisely defined, allowing you to plan your shipment time accurately. This is suitable for managing inventory efficiently.
  2. Fast Transit Time:
    Air freight transportation takes only 24 hours, enabling you to calculate timeframes precisely and accurately.
  3. Real-Time Shipment Tracking:
    You can track the status of your shipment throughout the air freight process, allowing you to plan and adjust processes promptly.
  4. Proper Documentation Preparation:
    Intbizth’s expert team prepares essential documents for air freight, such as invoices, shipping documents, and customs paperwork, ensuring smooth import processes.
  5. Comprehensive Logistics Management:
    The Intbizth team handles everything from booking cargo space with airlines to delivering goods from China to your destination. We also arrange air cargo insurance services for our customers.
  6. Additional Convenience Services
    We provide supplementary services such as airport pickup and delivery, cargo consolidation and sorting, and packaging services to enhance convenience for our customers.

The Process of Air Freight Transportation from Thailand to China

For entrepreneurs looking to import or export goods between Thailand and China, air freight is considered the fastest, most reliable, and most efficient method. It involves a comprehensive process covering every step, as follows:

  1. Document Preparation :
    Prepare necessary documents for air freight transportation, such as invoices, shipping documents, certificates of origin, and any other required paperwork according to legal regulations
  2. Import Procedures at the Origin Airport :
  3. Import the goods into the origin airport and proceed with customs procedures, including document verification.
  4. Loading Goods onto the Aircraft :
    The goods are then loaded onto the cargo aircraft for transportation to the destination.
  5. Arrival and Customs Clearance at the Destination Airport :
    Upon arrival at the destination airport, the goods are unloaded from the aircraft and undergo customs inspection.
  6. Delivery to Final Destination :
    After passing customs inspection, the goods are transported to the warehouse or final destination as specified by the customer.

Throughout the air freight process, there is close monitoring of the shipment status to ensure that the goods reach the final destination quickly and safely.

Additionally, leading air freight service providers offer various supplementary services such as cargo insurance, warehousing, and customs clearance services, which streamline the air freight process and reduce the burden on customers

Planning and choosing services from experienced air freight service providers are crucial to ensure smooth, secure, and timely transportation of goods.

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Popular Products for Air Freight Shipping

Air freight shipping is a highly favored method for importing and exporting goods to and from China due to its speed, safety, and reliability.

สินค้าแฟชั่น เครื่องประดับ และเครื่องหนัง

Fashion, Jewelry, and Leather Goods

These items often have high value and require secure and fast shipping. Air freight is an appropriate choice, especially for branded items, including leather goods, handbags, and shoes.


Automotive Parts and Components

The automotive industry heavily relies on air freight for shipping parts and components, meeting urgent demands, reducing waiting times, and efficiently controlling production costs.


Medical Supplies and Pharmaceuticals

Medical products, medical equipment, and pharmaceuticals often require air freight due to limited shelf life. Rapid and efficient transportation is essential for these items.


Agricultural Products and Fresh Food

Fresh produce and seafood are best transported by air to maintain their freshness. Air freight is ideal for products with limited shelf life, ensuring they reach their destination quickly.


Food Products

– Squid Seafood Snack Bento by Bento Box: A popular snack with crispy squid flavor.
– Chewy Milk Candy: A delightful chewy candy loved by many.
– Glico Pretz Larb and Tom Yum Kung: Flavorful snacks with Thai-inspired tastes.


Dried Food

– Cha Tra Mue Tea: A renowned brand of Thai tea.
– Food Seasoning: Instant seasoning powder for cooking convenience.
– Instant Noodles: Precooked noodles for quick and easy meals.
– Dried Fruit: Preserved fruits with a longer shelf life, ideal for snacking.


Personal Care Products

– Naraya Products: Various personal accessories and bags.
– Diffuse: Fragrance diffusers for a pleasant ambiance.


Health Products

– Inhaler: Respiratory inhalers for breathing relief.
– Lanna Foot Patch: Herbal foot patches for health and wellness.



– Pond’s BB Magic Powder: Beauty powder for a flawless complexion.
– Darlie Toothpaste: Popular toothpaste brand for dental care.
– Madame Heng Soap: Soap products from Madame Heng for skincare.
– Fruit Shaped Soap: Soap bars shaped like fruits, adding fun to bathing.
– Sunsilk Co-Creation: Haircare products for healthy and shiny hair.
– Beauty Buffet Foam: Facial foam for gentle cleansing.
– Wrinkles Cream: Cream formulated to reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

Air Freight Services from China to Thailand by Intbizth: Meeting All Your Air Freight Needs

If you’re seeking a reliable air freight service provider for the China-Thailand route, Intbizth is here to cater to all your air freight needs with our experienced and professional team.

is ready to provide professional and reliable air freight services. Contact the Intbizth team for advice and assistance today!

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Why choose Intbizth?


Experienced and Professional Team

Our team comprises experts in air freight management with extensive experience in handling shipments between China and Thailand. We understand the intricacies of air freight and customs procedures, providing detailed and accurate guidance.


Comprehensive Air Freight Services

In addition to air freight, we offer a range of services such as document preparation for import and export, liaison with governmental agencies, and customs clearance. This ensures a seamless import process for your goods.


Extensive Network in Both Countries

Intbizth has a wide network of service providers for international cargo transportation in both China and Thailand. This enables us to source the most suitable and cost-effective air freight routes for your shipments.


Real-time Shipment Tracking

Our team closely monitors the status of air freight shipments and provides regular updates to clients throughout the journey. This transparency and communication ensure peace of mind and confidence in receiving your goods.


Emphasis on Security

We prioritize the safety of your goods by storing them in secure facilities, using appropriate packaging, and adhering strictly to safety regulations.


Additional Tailored Services

Beyond basic air freight services, we offer additional services such as warehousing, cargo insurance, and freight forwarding to meet all your logistical needs.

Air Freight Rates
(Starting from 45 kilograms and up)

ราคาค่าขนส่งทางอากาศ / ทางเครื่องบิน (Air Freight)
ราคาค่าขนส่งทางอากาศ / ทางเครื่องบิน (Air Freight)

Air freight fee (based on weight)

Weight(kg)Service rates
45 - 99 Kilogram70 Bath/Kilogram
100 - 299 Kilogram60 Bath/Kilogram
300 - 499 Kilogram55 Bath/Kilogram
500 - 999 Kilogram50 Bath/Kilogram
1,000 Kilogram or more than that45 Bath/Kilogram

Air freight fee (volume-based)

ราคาค่าขนส่ง/ต่อ 1 คิว7,500 บาท/คิว


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Service : China-Thailand Air Freight Services