Tag - Validity period of the GACC registration number

中国 GACC 注册号有效期是多少年 ?

How old is a GACC registration number?

For entrepreneurs planning to import food and food-related products from China, the GACC registration number is one of the essential documents required. However, beyond the process of obtaining the registration number, the validity period of the GACC registration number is another issue that importers must clearly understand.

According to Regulation 248, Article 20, it states that “If the operator wishes to extend the registration, they must do so within 3 – 6 months before the registration expires.” The following documents may be required:

  1. Application for registration extension
  2. A document certifying that the company will continue to comply with the requirements of this regulation. The GACC registration number is valid for 5 years.

Operators can proceed through the CIFER system by selecting “Application for extension” from the menu bar, which will display a list of registered products along with their expiration dates. Operators can click the “Extend” button to submit an extension request. After clicking “Extend,” a window will appear to enter information. Operators must download the “Declaration for the extension of registration of manufacturer” document, fill it out, and attach it as a mandatory document accompanying the extension request. (more…)