What is Sea Freight?

Sea Freight คืออะไร?

What is Sea Freight?

Sea Freight is maritime shipping or ocean freight transportation using large cargo ships, and it is usually for international shipments. It is suitable for transporting large volumes of goods or oversized cargo. Sea Freight is also one of the main options for importers and exporters who are not very time-sensitive and want lower shipping costs compared to other modes of transportation.

Sea Freight literally translates to “ocean freight transportation” or “maritime freight shipping”.

The word “Sea” means ocean, and the word “Freight” means goods or the transportation of goods. Therefore, Sea Freight refers to the transportation of goods primarily via sea routes, typically using cargo ships or bulk carriers as the mode of transport. It is a popular method of shipping goods internationally and for long-distance freight transportation, as it allows for large volumes of cargo to be carried at lower costs compared to air freight, although it takes longer transit times.

What is Sea Freight?

What is Sea Freight?

Steps of Sea Freight Transportation

  1. Booking the shipping container
  2. Bringing the goods to the origin seaport
  3. Loading the goods into the shipping container
  4. Ocean freight transportation by vessel
  5. Unloading the goods from the container at the destination seaport

Documents Required for Sea Freight

  1. Bill of Lading
  2. Commercial Invoice
  3. Packing List
  4. Certificate of Origin

Advantages of Using Sea Freight Services

  1. Lower costs compared to air freight
  2. Ability to transport large volumes of cargo
  3. Suitable for non-urgent shipments

Remember, Sea Freight is an excellent option for transporting large volumes of non-urgent goods internationally. If you need more information or advice about Sea Freight, please contact us. We are ready to provide consultation and assist you throughout the process.

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